Unlocking the development of
antimicrobial resistance (AMR)
on metal and plastic products

A comprehensive product for reducing the spread of pathogens and infection in public places.

The benefits of using NitroPep coating are obvious to see from the results of our clinical studies, but it doesn't need to just be in a healthcare setting, the results are far-reaching across various industries.

Regardless of your business type, NitroPep can:

  1. Produces results in minutes
  2. Kill 99.99% of bacteria and molds
  3. Effective against SARS-CoV-2
  4. Lasts for up to 10 years per treatment

Research has shown how the built environment plays a major role in the transmission of infections. People are exposed to a wide range of environments and surfaces every day. Good hygiene practices are, or course, essential; however the benefit is not continuous. Surfaces become quickly re-contaminated after cleaning and some surfaces are difficult to clean.

NitroPep’s ‘self-cleaning’ surfaces have the potential to make significant reductions in the spread of infectious diseases.



From GP surgeries to A&E waiting rooms, acute to primary care, it is absolutely vital that we reduce the rate at which bacterial and viral infections spread. In high-turnover public areas such as these, we can see powerful results on all door handles, push plates and grab rails, as well as medical devices.

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Whether it’s the strap hanger, vertical grab poles or standing passengers on buses and trains, or drop-down table trays on aeroplanes, public transport is a vital sector where we can reduce both the spread of infection and the labour and costs of regular deep cleaning.


Heating, Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC)

NitroPep has exhibited excellent efficacy when coated on air filter material environments were indoor air quality is essential to create a healthy environment. Areas such as, large offices and industrial buildings, hospitals, ships, aeroplanes and trains can all be improved by adding NitroPep coated filters to HVAC systems.


Care facilities such as nursing homes and retirement homes have high cleaning standards and must provide a safe and hygienic environment for its residents and their guests. By ensuring the cleanliness of grab rails, door handles and push plates, we can immediately reduce the risk of a spread of infection or illness.



From bowling alleys to restaurants and cinemas, these are high-traffic pedestrian areas, with a requirement to provide clean, safe and hygienic places of leisure and relaxation for the general public. NitroPep coatings last 10 years per treatment ( 99.9% kill rate ) even in high-frequency touch areas, like door handles, push plates and grab rails.


NitroPep can be applied to a wide range of applications from wall and floor to building materials, and also architectural furniture and fittings, such as rails and handles in public buildings, transport facilities and schools.



Highly-pedestrianised shopping centres and retail parks can help to reduce the spread of infection and illness throughout the general public by adding NitroPep to public door handles, grab rails and push plates.

Offices and the Workplace

One of the biggest preventable costs to businesses worldwide is sickness absence, with workforces regularly being depleted by the preventable spread of bacterial and viral infection. Introducing regular hand-washing and sanitation stations alongside NitroPep coating on door handles and push plates (unique, relevant examples would be ideal) will dramatically reduce this extensive cost.


Food Preparation and Packaging

NitroPep can be effective for the handling and distribution of food, including the food manufacturing and processing equipment, food packaging, kitchen or restaurant equipment and appliances, plus floor and wall treatments. All these surfaces can be treated with NitroPep to prevent the transfer of bacteria.