Partner with us to make your
product antimicrobial

Our expert team will be on hand to discuss your needs and advise
whether the Nitropep process can be applied to your product.

From initial proof of concept through to product development and market launch the NitroPep team will be there every step of the way to ensure the technology is fully developed, tested, proven and regulated for its intended sector use.

Several options are available to work alongside NitroPep and commercial arrangements can be configured and tailored based on the individual needs of each customer and product.


Joint Development Projects

Can be conducted in circumstances where partners seek to access the technology for a specific application and test the performance in a clearly defined area.

The arrangement can be flexible with milestones linked to pre-defined technical criteria.

Once completed the partner has the ability to exercise their ‘option’ to take a full Licence and Development Agreement to the technology with negotiated terms based on:

Technology Requirements
Field of Application

Sub-Contract Options

From one-off samples to production runs, NitroPep can offer to undertake sub-contract services for customers to evaluate the applicability of the NitroPep process on a specific product or product range in a chosen environment or test conditions.

We can work in conjunction with a customer to develop a process that works in synergy with established production processes to add value to existing and new products.

Should the customer ultimately require an in-house capability to apply the coating, NitroPep can offer the necessary expertise to scale up the process from the laboratory to the factory floor.