An efficacious, non-toxic
coating, developed to ensure
fast-acting, long-lasting results

NitroPep is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent and has the potential to circumvent the global problem of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), as it provides a physical method of destroying pathogens.

Developed and patented by research teams at the University of Birmingham, NitroPep is a new line of defence against healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

Led by Dr Felicity de Cogan, from the Institute of Microbiology & Infection, University of Birmingham, our product has been initially developed for use on door handles, push plates and grab rails.

Our successful clinical studies means there is potential to widen the rollout of our non-toxic coating to other regularly-handled steel surfaces, including toilet flush handles, bed rails and metal medical equipment.

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University of Birmingham

Manufacturing Chemist

Experts behind the idea

Dr Felicity de Cogan

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Felicity de Cogan is a research scientist at the University of Birmingham College of Medical and Dental Sciences and Institute of Microbiology and Infection. She is a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellow and has spent more than eight years working in the fields of microbiology and the development of antimicrobial agents. Felicity has filed eight patents through the University of Birmingham and has previously developed peptide design for drug delivery applications and the concept of peptide-materials grafts to create smart material coatings. Her work can also be seen in high impact medical publications, including Journal Royal Society Interface, Angew. Chem and Soft Matter.


Dr Graeme Forster

Managing Director

Graeme is an experienced operations driven executive with a strong career history in metallurgy and the heat treatment of metals. Graeme served as Managing Director of Metaltech Ltd for over 25 years until he oversaw the trade sale of the business to the Wallwork HT Group which was concluded in 2017. The sale has allowed him to strategically commit to the NitroPep venture. Prior to his involvement with Metaltech he worked for the British Steel Corporation before he undertook a PhD in 1986. His doctorate was awarded in 1989 for studies into the High Temperature Chloridation of Selected Pure Metals and Alloys. Graeme has a strong background in process metallurgy and commercial heat treatment, as well being fully conversant with the requirements of running of a UK Ltd Company. His particular industrial interests include controlled atmosphere heat treatments, plasma assisted surface engineering and coating technologies. His bibliography includes publications in the fields of high temperature corrosion and plasma boronizing. A graduate of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, his qualifications include BSc, CEng, MIMMM, MWeldI, MICorr.


Jake Requard

Business Officer

Jake Requard began his career as an eye bank technician and demonstrated technical and administrative talent that resulted in him playing a key role in the creation of two major US eye bank networks, Tissue Banks International (now Keralink International) and Vision Share. This work allowed Jake to develop systems for the distribution of donor eye tissue for corneal transplantation and ophthalmic research including significant international networking to also support the development of eye banks in other countries. Jake has also provided consulting services to numerous companies and organisations for business development purposes including in the field of ophthalmology, use of human tissue for medical research and organ donation and transplantation. He is now employing his networking skills to advance NitroPep. He has a degree in biology from Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.


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