Preventing and controlling
cross contamination.

NitroPep is durable, non-toxic and successfully eliminates bacteria and germs from contact surfaces.

There are a few public health issues of greater importance across the world than the spread of bacteria, virus, and insect-borne diseases.

NitroPep is a spin out company from the University of Birmingham. NitroPep effectively bonds a range of antimicrobials to metal and plastic surfaces, delivering an excellent kill rate against a wide range of pathogenic microbes.

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NitroPep effectively bonds antimicrobial actives and disinfectants to metal and plastic surfaces to successfully eliminate bacteria and germs.

Developed and patented by research teams at the University of Birmingham, led by Dr Felicity de Cogan, NitroPep provides hospital patients with a new line of desence against HAIs.

NitroPep is undergoing an in-depth clinical study across several sites in Birmingham. The study, which took place over 24 areas and a period of 5 months, demonstrated a >90% kill rate, stopping the growth and pathogenic microbes on all metal coated surfaces. The same could not be said for the untreated control group tested before and after the trial.

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Key Statistics

NitroPep coating is non-toxic with an effacious focus on safety and has no detrimental impact on aesthetics.



Kill rate on bacteria


Our technology attaches disinfectants to surfaces killing the bacteria years after a single application, without the disinfectant leaching off into the environment.


<1 second

Fast acting on surfaces that have very high frequency of touch.


We operate and have expertise across a range of industries.

Most bacterium are spread by fingertip contamination and there can be no doubt that clean hands ultimately save lives and washing your hands correctly is paramount. We mainly focus on the following industries.  
Filtration and Air Conditioning